Crashing during long haul on iPad Mini 4

This has happened to me 3 times now, as I have attempted to do KLAX-EGLL overnight, and every time I have woken up to the app having crashed a few hours previously. The most recent attempt(last night), my flight time went up by about 5 hours, and I think this is about how long it lasted the previous two times. The simulator runs smoothly with all settings on high and anti-aliasing, I had it on low power mode, all other apps closed. It has 3GB spare storage, and is running iOS 10.3.3. Is the iOS possibly the problem, would updating make it run better? What else can I do to stop these crashes so that I can finally land a long haul flight, which I have been unable to do so far? (The longest flight I have managed 5 hours, during the day when I kept checking up on the flight)

Try and turn your settings down a bit as high settings on longhaul flights drastically decrease the performance and the device will eventually overheat.

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Thank you, I will give that a go next time, although even after 5 hours it hadn’t heated up much at all

The device may not seem hot, but the device will see that the app is using too many resources and eventually close.

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Thank you, I didn’t realised that

Correct me if i’m wrong, but iOS never close an app when it was in Foreground, in fact they try to give resource as many as possible to foreground app, but they do limit memory usage on background apps.

If its using too many resources then it’ll most likely shut it down.