Crashing at EGLL

I saw a topic very simliar to this one today about fallling through the rwy at EGLL

What is it?

Ok sorry, something is wrong and I can’t post it

You can’t post it on the forum. Share it through, google drive or screen record it and upload it to youtube.

No I mean, i can’t even copy it

You need to import it. Look here if you need any help on how to do so

How many degrees was your pitch? Too high of a pitch will kill your IAS causing you to stall

Ok here some pictures

It seems you’re pitching to high, your ground speed is 137 knots which is what is causing the stall

thats what I thought… Have you tried to clear the scenery cache in your settings as it looks like a scenery issue to me… when this happens for me, this usually helps


There’s a lot of people commenting here about how he is actually taking off, rather than actually addressing the problem here. It isn’t about taking off at all, it is about the fact that his terrain looks messed up.


Sometimes took off with this speed and it was fine

With the same load?

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Please refrain from posting on this topic, you are NOT addressing the issue.

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Well, I hope its only EGLL for me, because I have around 4 events on next week and tomorrow…

Your scenery is definitely glitched, have you tried clearing your scenery cache?

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@Leah is spot on here.

@Capitan_Artem, it looks like you have a terrain issue in your files. There are few ways to fix this.

Clearing your cache, and restarting the app should do the trick.

If you keep having the problem, you likely need a fresh install of the app to clear out what is causing this scenery issue for you. There is something going on here where you are getting the wrong data for the runway and you are sinking to it. It isn’t an uncommon issue - more of an annoyance than anything.

Let us know if you get the scenery cache cleared, or if you need help on accessing that.


Alright thank you so much

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This quote from the pinned #support topic might also help:


Ok I re-downloaded the app, I’ll do another flight I guess, heh. Thank you so much!