Crashing App

Hello! Got a little issue here. 😳

1.) Model: iPhone X IOS 11.3.1 (up to date 😁)
2.) Ram: 4GB

This issue is happening recently, and it is fustrating:

When I open up Infinite Flight app, I can navigate around the app and fly.

Like the good old words of Fire Marshal Bill:

Let’s say that your flying over a beautiful ocean 🌊 (youll get it! 😁). Maybe you want to get a mood on and put some music on. So you go to the home screen, and you open the music app. You choose your music. Great!

Then, back to the flight. You open of the Infinite Flight app, and the screen turns black, and it restarts to the stratum screen.

This would be really annoying on a super long-haul.

Exiting the app isn’t only for music. People exit the app to text, call, or even like an Instagram pic.

Then you restart. 😑

I hope I am not the only person with this problem, and I would appreciate if it would be a temporary issue.

Thanks, and have a great day!

-Michael ✈️

P.S. I did mention Fire Marshal Bill, and he is a character acted by Jim Carey in a show called In Living Color. To get a good laugh and to know more about him, I got a link!

Link: - YouTube

Here’s a video of the issue:

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I might be wrong, however in order for everything to run “properly” or how it’s supposed to, you cannot exit the IF app while doing a flight.

Now from my experience you can use the control center, but exiting out of IF into other apps will not resume your session.


@Moosehead08 is correct, adding on to what he said, you shouldn’t have any issues putting music on from the swipe menu. That should be a working alternative that will allow you to play music without having to exit your app.


Well, i usually do this sorta thing and really doesn’t happen unless i have been away for more than 2 minutes, or so


It doesn’t help that multitasking on iOS is… Well…

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