Crashing all the time

Hi, the Infinite Flight app crashes every time when I have finished my flight plan in live. This happened after the update. I haven’t been able to fly in live mode because of this after the update. What can I do? Thanks!


Our sincere apologies about this.

With the release of 20.1, a few issues that did not surface during testing decided to reveal themselves after the update was released.
Since then, our developers have been working hard on getting these fixed and a first hotfix have been released that should resolve most of the crashes.

We have however noted that some users seems to still be experiencing crashes, like you have. And we’d like to know more about those. So in an effort to help us to help you and others, please answer all the questions below:

  • What is your device manufacturer and model?
  • What are your graphics settings (Rendering resolution, Texture Quality etc.)?
  • What do you have your airplane count set to?
  • Is this occurring on both Solo and Online?
  • If Online, can you provide us with your current callsign and display name? ​

We appreciate you getting back to us with this information in an effort to resolve these issues.


Hi, my device is an iPad 6th generation, this issue only happens when I’m flying live mode, I set my settings to the highest graphics available, and set plane count to very high. This issue is extremely frustrating as I haven’t been able to fly in live since the app was updated.

I have the same device and have only experienced a couple crashes. My best advice would be to turn airplane count to none. With that, you can keep all other settings on high and you shouldn’t have a problem, even on long hauls.

Hello, how can I solve this issue? Thanks!

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For now all you can do is turn your graphics down and airplane count down and hope for the best. The team is still at work to find these bugs that appeared out of nowhere

In addition to what Kevinsoto said; Turn off Anti Aliasing in settings

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