Crashing after long flights?

I’m loving Global, it’s awesome and kudos to all involved in making this happen!!!.. flying from LA to Hawaii on my first flight was amazeballs, seeing nothing but ocean for 4+ hours then the islands… words will not describe. Anyway, wondering if this is just me or is happing to others? after all the flights I’ve done, my landing ratio is pretty low due to the app crashing as I approach the end of the flight. This only seems to happen on long flights… Happened yesterday from a flight from Tokyo to LA… Crashed an hour out from LA, and tonight in was on final at LAX from JFK and it crashed. Huge defeat, literally… so close yet so far… Not sure if it’s hardware or software… anyone else had this issue? I’m on iPad Mini 11.0.2

I think it has something to do with ram. iPad Mini only has about 512 mb of ram while global needs 1gb of ram. Try and lower your graphics and turn off anti aliasing if you do have it enabled.

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The device should be fine unless it could be overheating/using too much RAM. I’m presuming it’s the mini 2 since it supports global.

crap… I knew that might be an answer to this one… …eek

Try this!

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yes, its the last release of the mini… a year old.

cool… just did that… thanks for the tip

So the mini 4? There should be nothing wrong with it since it has 2gb ram and a good processor. It’s possible that it’s just your device holding too much cache. Try clearing the ram and restarting your device before starting a flight, that may help


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