Crashing 50 Ft. In The Air

Hello again lol… This time I am posting a support topic on this weird glitch. So apparently, I was working patterns and about 50 ft off the ground I start my rotation. As you can see I crashed in mid-air and I do not know how. I was at 190 kts during rotate and decreased to 170 after rotation. After that I got the “crash” icon and I don’t know how. The meter was 290 @ 9 and I took off 23 so I know it wasn’t wind. If anyone knows how I can fix it so this doesn’t happen again, let me know! Thanks and have a happy new year!

Airport: LELN
Aircraft: F22 Raptor

At what airport was this?

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The airport ICAO was LELN

Hi there,

It sounds like you may be experiencing a known bug and your terrain files may be corrupt. Please delete the app and reinstall it.

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