Whenever I switch my camera views, the app crashes. I am on the latest version of IF, and am running Android 7.0. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7. I’ve tried reinstalling the app along with restarting my phone but it still crashes. What should I do?

Have you tried setting your graphics lower if you are able to?

Considering you have done restart & re-installing.
Ensure you have enough ram available & try lowering graphic settings.
This is known bug & hope it will be fixed soon by support team.

Do you have any proof of that?

I can be the proof.
It’s known.


I’ve tried lowering the graphics, but the game still lags. I clear my RAM Everytime before I start IF

This is an issue which happens to a lot of S7 users. Not only IF, but also other apps keep crashing on this device.

What you can do:

Make sure that you have at least 1GB of storage left.

Install the app “Clean Master” and let it delete all the unnecessary stuff on your phone.

If really nothing helps, secure your data and do a factory reset.


Kinda obvious but have you tried multiple aircraft, or is it across the board?

If possible, Stay in cockpit view until you takeoff once in the air you can change the camera view ( This might lower the chances of crash ) even I had this issue once & I noticed whenever you change camera on ground it crashes. Changing camera view on ground puts strain on rendering the view & planes around you so it crashes.( maybe )
Sit back & relax mate until it gets fixed & enjoy the cockpit view 🙂

I have 1.4 GB of storage left, and use the device maintenance setting to clear my RAM.

The default maintenance app is not enough. Use Clean Master.

And as I said, if the mentioned solutions don’t help, a factory reset should fix it.

Another main question is what view is it crashing on and where are you? The biggest known issue is switching to tower view when you are nowhere within range of an airport (example over the middle of the Atlantic). That will cause the app to crash.

I have a similar issue, when I change to the “free” camera my app crashes.