Crashes on OnePlus 7 Pro

This is pretty weird… I have not had a single crash since I got my OnePlus 7 Pro 6 months ago.
I will try to reproduce the steps you mentioned above and see what happens.

What have you tried so far?


I had a look at the crash logs we’ve received from your device and they’re mostly odd ones.
Feels like the bug fix update we pushed for 20.1 initially, didn’t quite take on your version.

As others have previously suggested, a reinstall should help here.
This would most likely explain why @Starley is running things fine on his device, but you are not :)


I’ve reinstalled the game and I’ll see whether it helps or not. Thanks for checking it.

so far, so good, It even improved my framerate a bit… I’ll keep an further eye on it tho

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Alright so i just had my first game crash again while adjusting Altitudes of the STAR

Check this topic out. Seems like its happening a lot on Android. Says it will be fixed in the next update.

Yea it seems like they have found the root of the problem, but it’ll have to wait for the next update which would be 20.2? in other words when the 777-300 and 777-F are release, and who knows when that occurs. in the meantime its just about taking big risks and checking your approach plan before departing I guess.

We are aware of the crashing when setting the alt. The key is to be slow and not accidentally double press it. I was able to reproduce this error on android and have tested the fix in 20.2.

Well thing is that im not double pressing it, it just happens randomly when changing the altitude. some STARS only have minimum altitudes set so i’d have to either remove or change the altitudes. and each time i do that it has a risk. could happen on the 1st change, could happen at the 3rd change, but if i have to change multiple altitudes, its almost certain that my game will crash.

We have fixed it nonetheless. The double tapping was a way for us to bulletproof repro it. There may be other circumstances causing it. But it’s resolved for 20.2 :)


looking forward to it :)

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