Crashes on OnePlus 7 Pro

Hi! I’m having more and more crashes happening lately, maybe its something useful for you guys to look into.

So to kick things off, I’m on the Oneplus 7 Pro with 12 gig RAM. I sometimes get crashes (even with simpler aircraft) when:

-I modify my flightplan (Both inflight and on the ground) so for example, changing SID&STARs adjusting STAR Altitudes.

-When i press to enable VNAV.

-when I’m inserting an ILS Frequency (Both inflight and on the ground).

-Also whenever i change the ingame time it likes to crash.

my phone can handle high loads and I’m running the game on maximum settings with no framerate issues (I have enabled battery saver though).

I have over 150gb free storage available on my phone.

If you need any more info I’m glad to provide you some.

Cheers! Thom


Hi and welcome to IFC
I am not sure what your problem is because i am an iPhone user
But surely this topic can help you out 👇👇
Android Crash

12GIG OF RAM, it can’t be ram issues.

Its very weird because they all come out of the blue. the app seems perfectly stable until all of a sudden the phone turns to my homescreen (app is not closed) but whenever i turn back to the app via the apps shelf it just restarts the whole app.

To start off with, this is a known issue with Android Devices.

Hello and welcome to the community!

To best address your issue, may I ask if you have any applications running in the background? Having multiple applications running while playing a high intense game can cause stress on the device and cause a crash, even with a high level of available RAM.

Applications running are IF Passengers, and IF Assistant but this problem occurs even when i’m not running them…

Well not always but its always a big risk to adjust something. especially if you’re doing a long haul flight and you dont want your hours to go wasted…

Are both your device and IF on the latest available software?

yes. Updated this week too, Android 10

I am not familiar with androids but maybe if nothing else works, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app 🤷‍♂️ If you do this make sure to save your replays if you want to save them?

I’ll give it a try when i’m landed

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Based on the information in your original post and further information throughout the topic, I’m not 100% sure what the issue is, but some of the following can be things to help improve or stop the crashing.

  • Restart/Reboot your device prior to each flight
  • Close out all background applications
  • Lower Graphics and Rendering Quality
  • Deleting & Reinstalling the game (Try all of the above first)

If the crashing persists, there may another issue. At that point wait for a staff member to come by and assist.

it sounds like an App stability issue

It may, however without attempting the above steps as a possible solution, we won’t know. If you don’t think those steps may remedy the situation, await a staff members response.

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Lowering the graphics and rendering settings will most probably wont solve the problem as this crash appears at specific actions. The device is very strong too. However, reboot your device and reinstall the app. These should help.

When it crashes does it just close silently or does it give a “Infinite Flight has Stopped” message?

To help us look at logs, can you confirm your current callsign and display name please?

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it doesn’t say it stopped it just quit. my username is AFKLM Virtual Thom and my callsign is AFKLM131, or AFKLM131 Heavy

Thanks let us take a look and see if we see anything.

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i had a crash over Ireland a couple days ago from KSFO on my way to EHAM, dont know if that helps
it happened in the 777-200 when i was inserting the ILS Frequency