Crashes on long hauls

Hey guys i have a question, i have been trying to fly long hauls but every time i leave my phone it crashes when i have flown for about 20 hours. It has happen already 3 times, all my graphics are low, anti aliasing off and it crashes :( I have an IPhone 6 16G and i have 6G left.

I suggest putting it on scenic view as that allows my phone not to crash.

I have the lastes update and have already done that and it keeps crashing :(
Thanks tho

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I recommend you wait for the next update (which will be in the next couple of days) to get released to see if it solves your issues. If not, try restarting your device before these long hauls, re install the app, clear other apps in background, hide minimap, Clear RAM on iOS etc. Also, make sure your device is not Jailbroken in any way :)

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The app is crashing or the flight itself is crashing?

If the app is crashing, here’s things to be sure of:

  1. Restart the phone before flights
  2. Clear your RAM
  3. Make sure all other apps are closed before starting flights

Reinstall the app, as it is possible it’s corrupt game files.

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Thanks for contacting support!
Is your phone on LNAV? Does it crash on short haul flights also?

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If I ever have any problems with apps on my iPhone, I just hold the power button until the power off screen comes up, then hold the home button until it disappears. It usually works for me, i hope it works for you too. :)


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…another in a couple of days?

Please see this post. December 2017 update is cleared for takeoff

There will be another one in the next couple of days for iOS users. Android already have it :)

Also in order to reduce stress on your device and reserving battery life I suggest…

•Fly in lowest screen brightness settings
•Turn down graphics in settings all the way to low
•Turn on “Low Power Mode” in general settings
•Turn off hud
•Turn off airport names and airplane dots and names in settings
•Fly in scenic mode as others suggested
•Disabling Anti-Aliasing as Chris Levet said below ;)

I hope this helps you, any questions feel free to PM me


Yes, the update is great. I just noticed the person needing support here uses iOS and I misunderstood that you meant another update for Android!

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Don’t forget that disabling Anti-Aliasing can help with performance and memory usage ;)

When you are flying overnight not looking at the scenery and airports this is a good time to disable AA

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The low power mode in-app function works really good for long haul flights. Go the the “general” section in the settings and make sure the “low power mode” has a checkmark next to it.

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