Crashes on iphone x with latest update

Today I bought the suscription and flew my first flight in training server. The flight eas short and I didn’t have any problem (max graphics anti aliasing on) but then i flew from kbog to tncm and as i was doing an approach game crashed i tried going from santo domingo this time and crash again. Then from a nearby island and crashed again then i re installed game and turned anti alising off and played on casual server and i had no problems so if i could get like a way to know whats the problem cause I don’t want it to crash in the middle of a dubai-auckland flight. It would ve highly appreciated thank you

As long as you have enough storage available, don’t run background apps and have a stable internet connection the iPhone X is more than capable to run Infinite Flight.

Tips for long hauls:

-Restart your device before long flights
-Clear your cache
-Reset your router occasionally
-Refrain from running background apps
-Once you launch Infinite Flight don’t back out of the app.


Turning ant aliasing om wouldnt affecr negatively?

It shouldn’t do. I could easily run everything on full with max settings on my 6s doing 20 hour flights with no issues. If you find it works better without them try it though. But for such an advanced phone it should have no issues.

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thanks for the information bud

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