Crashes on iPad mini

Been unable to fly since I updated. The app constantly crashes when I’m flying.

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The app has been crashing a lot for my iPad mini also after I updated

Please add device details, software version and steps to reproduce this issue

The mini 1 is getting on a it now. But the mini2 runs fine with max settings.

Same here. Crashes about 9/10 when I want to fly.

iOS 9.2.1

Works completely fine on iPad Air 2.

@dree_fly92 Contact support.

Crashes on my iPad Mini every time I go to the outside view (Dash 8) and constantly crashing -_-

@Josh_Heard Report your problem and device specs to either support
or on the forum.

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Forward all concerns with crash issues to

Exactly!! this happen to me everytime i play linfinite flight… infinite flight app keeps on crashing every time i fly/play in live after the update :(( im also using ipad mini :(

I can’t even do a complete flight now because of the crashing.
Ipad 2 IOS 9.2.1

Hi im using ipad mini 1. Infinite flight app crashes when live tried to low the airplane count and the graphic settings but still crashes this happend after the dash8 update can someone help :) hehe devs please fix this :)))) this doesnt happen before but since the update it crashes everytime.

Even I experience this a lot nowadays.

iOS 9.2.1

nope i think its the dash8 update cause this doesnt happen before :)

It’s a bug which Infinite Flight is aware of. This has been mentioned many times in the bug category.

Email please include all details of device and what’s happening?

my ipad mini 3 works just fine with max graphics

If you are on an ipad mini the most important thing to keep your app from crashing and to have a less laggy game is to put your brightness on the lowest possible for the ipad mini will hive more power to the app other than the screen itslef!

Exactly the same except for me iPad mini 4