Crashes on iPad Air 2 with quality set to high

Sience global was realese, everything runs perfect, the rendering its awesome, and the textures, the geographic and the real time… but, in solo mode. Actually i dont care to much about live, but when i use that server, i cannot fly withaot imminent crash of the app if i had al the sets in high quality. My device gets over heat and sundly close the app in a midle of a flight. I didn’t konw if this issue is for my wifi speer (5MB per second) or my debice cannot support al the rendering quality, terrain streaming, wheater streaming and airplanes and Atc Data. And no matter if i put airplane count in low.

Somebody can aswer me. I really dont care to much about live, as i say. Solo mode its well. Specially when the majority’s wants to fly only in the US and EU. But in solo i dont have real time weather, or the fog at the mornign, and i would like to had that but in a mid quality at least. Unfortunately no matter if a put the settings in mid, i had an imminent app crash at some time.

If someone wants to help me, heres my decice soecifications:

Ipad Air 2; 32 GB, but i had 17 GBs of music, so i had just 7 GB of space. And my wifi 5Mb per second.

To prevent the app from crashing due to performance reasons, I would suggest that you lower your quality settings even further. This should help alleviate some of the demand on your device’s CPU and thus prevent the app from crashing. Hope this helps! Also you should be reporting any app crashes via the little prompt that pops up so that way Apple can send that data to the developers.

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So, i cannot enjoy the midd sets of quality. Maybe the frame limit It the problem? Because in low quality everything loos bad, and thats not happens in solo modo. Imput all in midd sets, and runs perfectly, without crashing or over heat. I mean, i did a fly between Anchorage to Mexico and dont had any problems, except as i say, theres no real time weather.

Live mode? Or solo mode

Same Here. I have The Air 2 and it doesn’t crash either

Does overheat. Or maybe i had to unnistall other apps?

Ok, i will trying again and i will see

I have an iPad Air 2 128GB and I have it mostly free and yes, it does heat up but not that much, what I suggest is doing Medium Haul and Short Haul flights (2 Hours Max) because it is good to have space because it runs faster with more space. Another tip, try not to have apps open while playing IF. ;)

In live mode? Because in solo, i didnt had any problem. I mean, i make a flight of 7 hours between Anchorage to Mexico, and not over heat, not crash and everything in middle quality sets

So, had 18 Gbs of music, should i delet that? If i had it dosnt matter. I had two ipods for it.

First make sure to run IF without background apps and maybe keep the iPad on a table and nothing cloth like, if that does not help either delete little bit of used gigs and if that does not work try a reset.

Definitely reduce settings to medium if your device is overheating. I recommend you clear your RAM if using an iOS device and maybe restart your device before beginning a flight.

Yeah I have the iPad Air 2 and I only have the odd bit of lag but no app crashes.

To stop the device heating up, its recommended that you turn your brightness down as that seems to be the main factor. Also, in live turn your airplane count to low as that might be one of the causes of lag, although the Air 2 should be a powerful enough device to handle it.

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Same issue with me.
Air 2, IOS 11.0.3 all on high, seems like it lags badly, down to 7fpm and then crashes. No way to repro, as it happens on different phases of the flight.
It does seem like it happens most frequent in climb/descent. I’ve also had a crash when editing the flight plan.

I have the same issue as well. It usually happens during cruise and with the device on the “low power mode.”

What bothers me is that this did not happen before, everything was on max serting! Even the airplane count was high and the dots and the names are shown.

I did not try this at solo mode because I am trying to increase rank.

Oh and btw, those incidents happened on long haul flights, like after 2 hours the app stops! It is frustrating I know, now I am flying on short haul flights. I will update if the issue persists on short haul flights.

After reading your situation, I highly suspect that the crashing is the server’s fault. Imagine that during the flight, a whole bunch of users show up on an airport you are flying over, that much data can cause a spiked increase of RAM. The iPad Air 2 has a 2GB RAM, more than well enough to handle everything on high specs.

I have the Air 2 as well and yesterday I did EHAM-KSLC while on AT&T’s LTE cellular service as an experiment to test Global without WiFi. I always run the app on max settings and Anti-Aliasing however the device tends to get warm so here are my suggestions for you:

-Dim the screen when able.
-Hide the Minimap when you really don’t need it.
-Keep the audio at lower levels
-Utilize the low power feature in settings


Seems like you answered your own post. Each pilot will need to do their own thing to help with lag. All of the advice above is great. One additional item is thay at one time I thought there might be an issue with notifications. So try to pause Twitter, Facebook, or whatever notifications and see if that helps.

I usually start low and work my way up to see what works best for me.

Space really isn’t an issue unless you download every plane. The terrain is streamed and the planes are downloaded.

I had all the notifications in off. Push off. So. Dont have any interruptions of that kind. A few minutes, i did a fly betweem Panama and Colombia, and i figure out what its the problem, an its whe other planes come arround me. Thats when the ipad starts to get very warm, and then drains battery.
Well, if i dont had this problem in solo mode, i will fly in solo. By the way, im flying short to medium range flights, to see every contry topography, and live dosent make any sense if yo take note that the 90% of the user only make flights all over the US an EU. Thats a little bit foolish. I mean, everyone expect global for a long time and the most of it make their flights from or to the aiports that already exists in the previous version: Klax, Miami, London, JFK, France… the most of users make that routes, and the ATCs where in these airports.
I didnt see an ATC in an south America Airports, and will not se that. So its like make solo mode in live, the only good thing its the real weather. Then… i will made solo mode.
For the rest of you, i suggest y’all to make flights in to central and south America, there are a lot of wonderfull topography and landscape to see, better than the East coast of the US. Everything its fields in there, just the west coast and the western states has better place to see.
I star my all America trip form Guatemala, to Miami, Miami to DCA, DCA to Kiad, kiad to winnipeg, winnipeg to Anchorage, Anchorage to México, México to Guatemala, Guatemala to Panama, Panama to Colombia.
Now i would make Colombia to Ecuador. I will go to every aiport and country in South America, then goes for Europe.

By the way, thanks for the info.