Crashes on Final

Not sure why, but ever since this update came out, I just been having a lot of crashes going into final, anyone else having this issue?


What’s your:

  • Device (Specific please)
  • Graphics Settings

Device: iPad 5th Gen
Graphics Settings: Rendering Quality: Medium
3D Objects: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Textures: High
Frame Limit: 30 FPS
Note: I’ve always had this setting which the crashes are rare, but the 2 times I’ve tried to land since the latest update; it’s just been crashes on final.

Which iPad specifically? There is a massive range from the brand new iPad Pro to the old iPad Air 2. This will affect the game massively.

iPad 5th Gen

I’ll copy and paste my response from a similar topic last week about crashing….

— Hi mate. This is infuriating and I’ve been through it recently as well. I tried all the usual stuff - settings, graphics, clearing, plane count etc. I’ve ran the same settings for as long as I can remember so it made no sense as to why messing would make any difference. I tried anyway and it didn’t work. It’s a 2019 iPad.

It’s not ideal (a bit like someone asking you if you’ve restarted your device!) but the only thing that has stabilised it was to uninstall and reinstall the app entirely.

As I said it’s not ideal, but give it a go. You’ll have to redo all your preferences again though. See if it works for you as well.—

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I figured it’s the uninstall and install strategy, I kind’ve forgotten about this. I will give it a go

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Those should be all be on medium

Depends on the device. If your device is running max graphics without any issues, go ahead with it. I don’t think changing your graphics will have a huge impact on crashing

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It could also be the Scenery Cache too

I’ve had the same problem. Since the new update, came out. I changed the graphic settings to medium. This seems to have solved the problem. Flying the E175 on final. Always crashed.

Lower all your settings. All of them. If it doesn’t crash, slowly improve them and see what the iPad can handle.

If it still won’t stop crashing and minimum settings, let us know.

to be honest I think it’s more of a Infinite Flight problem than a user problem

I agree, but his device is over 5 years old at this point so no harm in at least trying with lower settings.

Too high - on a 5 year old device these should be on Medium at the maximum, if not Low.

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Hi there,
i have the same issue as you have! I have a old ipad air 5th gen which keep crashes too!:(
The developers will keep fixing the bugs in the app soon:)

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Strange, my iPad holds up fine for an old device, barely crashed, and I did uninstall and install my device which I can finally land at airports and I can start flying again 😀

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