Crashes, IOS 12.4.3, Iphone 6 plus

The last time I’ve played Infinite Flight on this device was 2 years ago. It used to run extremely smooth, handled long hauls, and excessive traffic on maximum graphic settings.
Now that I’ve bought the simulator again (after changing my Apple ID), and linked it to my google account because I deleted my Facebook account - so I had to start from scratch.
Not sure if some people from the community here still recognize me. Pretty sure most of them don’t.

Anyways, I still use my IPhone 6 plus, and I purchased live, and everything went smooth at first.
Hopped in LAX casual for gaining some flight time using MINIMAL graphics. The game crashes just few seconds to minutes after joining, tried to join back 4 times, same result.
Keep in mind that I’ve done some tight patterns with a spitfire at San Jose, no traffic, maximum graphics, no crashes at all.
So I’m not sure if my device can still handle the sim or not anymore.

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Please see below, specifically under “Trending”:

Thank you!

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