Crashes in 20.1

I too am experiencing crashes every time I try to fly since 20.1. I am using IPad mini 2; iOS 12.4.7. I have total of 32 gb with 9.12 gb available. Hot fix didn’t work. Very frustrating. I am anxious to try out all the cool stuff.
Please help.


Roger St George

the i pad mini 2 is 7 years old so all the components are old and even on the lowest settings the device will struggle tremendously and cause issues.
And 12.4 Ipad OS was last years apple updates. Apple is at like 13.4 something or something like that now…
the i pad mini 2 has .5 gb of RAM and IF device requirements are to have at least 1gb of RAM…

If you’re interested in upgrading check this thread out


This is a known issue and the devs are looking into it. See below:
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