Crashes During the Game

Everyone here agrees that the game crashes a lot during the flights we do ?!
But after this new update I come to remodel the B772, B737bbj and B738 worsened a lot of crashes every time !! Does anyone have a tip to improve performance or just changing the device?

Perhaps lowering your graphic settings and aircraft count would be a good start, if you haven’t yet.

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Hello, I suggest that you take a look at the Device Compatibility Thread 20.1 - Built By Us For You!. This will give you the best setting to run in game to avoid having a bunch of crashes. What I do I turn brightness down and sound off during long hauls


Hey Alessandro! What device are you running Infinite Flight on? Do these crashes happen during specific stages of flight?

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Hey there!

Did you follow any of what is outlined here? What’s your device?

Edit: If this crash is aircraft-related, it may be due to the amount of rendering being processed. You may want to reduce some of the graphics settings from the menu.


Hello Alessandro! You could also try clearing your scenery cache before each flight. This has always helped my friend.

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I think clearing scenery caches does not work at this point anymore, as 20.1 has fixed the issue of scenery causing crashes. All it does at the moment is to help clear up storage on your device :)

its worth a shot 😃

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Hi @Alessandro_H,

The new 20.1 update of reworked 777 and 737 requires a little more ram to play. This is because there are more updated graphics and is more complex than ever before.
You can go through following tips to avoid crashes -

  1. Use Power Save mode for long haul flights.
  2. Turn the graphics to low. You can turn them high again when you want to take screenshots or make a time lapse video using replay.
  3. Try avoiding going to airports with heavy traffic with these updated aircrafts. In case you want to visit IFATC airport with these aircrafts, turn airplane count to low available in settings.

Hope these would help you 😉
Cheers !

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I’m playing for the G4 for now, I think about switching to Xiaomi for better performance! And these crashes happen about 3 hours after takeoff, sometimes at the time of takeoff! I’ve already taken violations!