Crashes at major airports since 22.8

Since 22.8 came out I’ve had incredibly long loading times and my game crashes quite often when being at major airports like EGLL and EDDF, even when there aren’t a lot of people.
Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

Device: Ipad 6th gen
Settings: Everything High except for 3D buildings, that is set to low.

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Those settings are too high. The 6th Gen is 4 years old now so can definitely not handle the highest settings without performance issues.

Lower the settings to Medium and that should help.

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In 22.7 it could run that without problems so I don’t think that that’s the problem.
It was really like, it ran perfect with 22.7, I downloaded 22.8 and since then it crashes when I spawn at major airports


Hello! I hope I can help you! As they said in the first comment, being a Sixth Generation Ipad, there is already a lot that requires Infinite Flight from that Ipad, Reduces the graphics to everything to Medium! And the FPS lower them to 30! Try to use it like this and let us know your results!


I’ve tested a bit and doing a full reinstall seemed to have helped the issue.

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