Crashes After The New Update

As i said recently earlier , my IF is crashing whenever i exit the app for a limited period of Time.
This never happened before the New update , i was exiting and no problem happened when i was entering again.
I tried to make 2 Flights Today , EGLL-VCBI and WADD-WSSS.
What i remarked strange is that Both Flights Crashed at the same Time .
Beacuse of this problem , i couldn’t fly Today for the FNF and test the New update .
I really want to enjoy IF and the New A330 .
Thank you and i hope this will be Fixed!

Just asking the obvious question that is going to get asked…

  1. What is your device?
  2. Have you uninstalled and re-installed your app?
  3. Edit: you answered this

You’re not supposed to leave the app

That’s not really an issue related to the app at this point I guess…

You were already told not to exit the app.

Cannot stress the above post enough. Its best to stay in the app once you begin a flight :)

Once you back out of the app and start doing other tasks on your device things get messy and adds more load to your processing components.