Hello! I was just on a flight and left for a minute, next thing I know, I crashed! Is there a way to see what happened or how it happened? Thanks!

When you mean you crashed, do you mean your aircraft or the app?

I also dropped to grade 1! This is bugging me.

No there is not a way to see what happened. In most cases you stalled. Do not leave the device during critical phases of flight.

I was just cruising and everything was fine

The aircraft crashed

What was your speed and altitude before you left your device?

Also please let us know the aircraft.

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Hi. Could you specify the aircraft, and airspeed you were at during cruise?

FL300, Mach .85 . It was all fine before. I have never had this happen

Ok. That’s odd. That looks quite normal to me. What was your fuel?

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I was in a A380 aircraft

Where were you flying? Which region of the world? Some regions are known for heavy winds that can easily bring down an aircraft.

I was south of Dubai over the ocean and the winds were around 40kt

And fuel was 81% full

Wind has nothing to do with this. You guys aren’t going to be able to decifer what cause his crash. Nor will he as no one was around to see it the PIC left his post.