Crashed while ending flight

I had a flight today from KJFK to OMAA Abu Dhabi. It was about 11:30 hours. I landed and switched off enginesā€¦ when I want to end the flight it has stopped respondingšŸ˜­

Shouldnā€™t this be in #support

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Thanks for reminding

What are you asking? How to prevent this issue? You havenā€™t included a purpose except saying that your flight froze :)

Exactly. I tried everything but it happens often now. All my graphics are on low. Airplane count is also low

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Alright then, the basics first:

What device are you using?
What software version are you running?
Have you experienced this before the newest update?

Samsung s6 edge
And yes I have experienced this once before the new update 19.4. Iā€™ve been an IF member since 2017. Didnā€™t experince issues before and used to run IF on highest graphics and airplane count.

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This has happened to me before. Your stats should have updated if not it will when you start your next flight.


Thanks mate