Ok, so here I am again. When will I learn about expert huh? 😂 I’m landing on approach in f16c, I’m not that good with the f16 so on approach I stalled and crashed a half mile from the runway. So then I look and I’ve gotten a violation for acrobatics near a runway. I crashed!!! I stalled out!!! Is this a glitch or am I getting punished for crashing on expert. I’m not tripping, I just need to understand what the issue with expert is
I was grade 4, now I’m grade saying that to keep people from thinking I was dumb enough to do a stunt at an airport on expert.

Well, unfortunately, binary coding isn’t able to discern intent.

It can only work with what it has: distance from airfield, trajectory, etc.

You aren’t the first, won’t be the last.

So…nothing to be done about it?
Yeah, I’m done with expert.

Thank you sir…😂

Be best to master aircraft like that on the casual server and solo honestly.


No. But the violation doesn’t count toward your grade after a week. It would have been the same on Training. So I’m not sure how avoiding Expert would help there.

[But, as stated above me, if learning a new plane, always solo or casual]

Yup, but the VA in trying to join requires I be in expert. Lol, I’ll be quitting that one. . OK, it’s all good. You can close this.

Never happened to me in TS. And not the first time I stalled at a runway in the f16 😂

The F16 is not an easy aircraft.
I flew a long time already on Expert, before I flew my first F16. My practice and first 9 crashes, including loops and crazy uncontrolled airobatics were all on Casual.

Don’t take chances with Expert, unless you’re an Expert.

Copy that. Thank you.

Ouch! That’s rough sorry man! Just gotta be more careful when flying, always add power if you need to it doesn’t hurt

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Lol, oh no, not adding power either. That gets you violated. Binary code doesn’t read intent… No I’m just joking, it’s all good. I’m just staying away from expert til I’m an expert.

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If you’re flying an F16 in expert you might get a surprise if you fly faster then typical ;)

You can still access the Expert Server as a grade 3

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Before you scare him, within controlled airspace.

1400 knots over the Atlantic? Who cares?

800 knots 11 miles from touchdown at 3000 feet weaving in and out of traffic? Yeah…bye.

I had one guy doing patterns at 1500 knots. Well, a quarter of a pattern…


Cmon guys. I stalled. I crashed. Couldn’t have been going that fast right? It’s all good. I’ve learned my lesson about expert. Only go on there with those fully automated planes. 😂

Correct me if I’m wrong. But the only difference between training server and expert is the ATC functions. What you experienced is just the way the F-16 flies. It’s the easiest plane to get an aerobatics violation in. It has the fastest roll rate. And when it stalls it likes to spin. It’s a pretty challenging plane to fly.

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No, I believe that Expert is a bit more sensitive. I can fly the 16c, just trying to learn it. Stal speeds, approach speeds, ect… The planes didn’t spin, it dropped, like a rock. Lol, this place is crazy. You guys will find every possible reason except a bad break huh. It’s never happened to me on training server and I’ve stalled plenty of planes. It’s how you learn to fly them. Variables in Expert are just so tight, the pilots are uptight too. High level. My suggestion is to only fly the big slow automated jets on there. Anything else go to TS. More traffic anyways.

I suggest to fly a plane that you are not that good at in training or casual server until you feel like you know how to control it smoothly. Then you feel comfortable in expert server

Lmfao, u and everyone else. Man, look if anyone feels that thru text I can’t fly, they are welcome to try and keep up with me. Otherwise, if u don’t know, u simply don’t know. Moderator please close this.

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