Crashed on Training Server: 6 violations

I was on a flight from Singapore to Melbourne in a Scoot 787-9. At about 30000 (climbing to 40000) feet and Mach 0.85 i left my phone. When I came back I had crashed. I was far from being fully loaded. My vs was 1500 fpm. I received 6 violations and can’t access Training server for 24 hours and I don’t know when I’ll be able to access Expert again.

Account name: Aviation-21
Callsign was: Scooter 21

I hope somebody can help me!

That’s quite a steep climb at that alt, you should always watch the ascent to cruise alt before leaving your device.

I would recommend step climbing to avoid this situation from happening




The autopilot will give up if it can’t control the aircraft. This is most likely to occur when flying at high altitude and/or low airspeed. It is therefore advisable to keep a close eye on everything whilst climbing, whether it’s after takeoff or during cruise. Once at your new altitude, check to make sure everything is stable and the autopilot isnt struggling (the aircraft will start to bob up and down) before leaving your device.

You should also monitor your speed when descending because the autpilot might not be able to control your speed, leading to overspeed violations.

You will be able to access the expert server after one week.


Thanks for helping!

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Alright thank you!

This was really helpful thanks a lot!

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Pay attention on Climb, cruise etc.

I would recommend using simbrief-it will give you a climb profile to follow. This is for the 787-9
250 to 10K, then 310kt to FL280, then .85M

Simbrief is also excellent with giving you a top of Climb waypoint to adjust your vertical speed for.

I’d also recommend downloading In Flight Assistant and getting the GPWS which includes vnav

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Ok thank you very much!

You’re very welcome.

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Did you have any trim?

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No. (Filler)

The only way to be 100% safe is not to leave your device during the flight


I know 😂. But that’ a bit tricky on a 7-8 hour flight 😂.

I understand completely. But it literally is the only way to be safe. You never know what could happen at any time during a flight hence I don’t leave my device. If I’m moving around I’ll keep it with me at the very least. Everybody enjoys a different level of seriousness and realism when flying, if you’re more towards the ultimate realist experience a pilot would never leave the cockpit/controls unattended

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Usually, on cruise or climb with a small haul aircraft or medium haul, have -10 Trim and on a large aircraft, use about -15 trim.

It will help with your climb degree to help maintain speed.

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Yeah I know. You’re absolutely right.

Ok thank you. I always forget about the Trim😂.

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