Crashed on live

Hello guys i just recently crashed on training server with 6 violation getting my grade back to 1 while i was sleeping it was a long haul from manila to los angeles how can i know how i crashed?

@zid_roxas there are a number of things that can cause this, the top reason is that in your flight you were cruising at too high of a speed and hit high winds, thus causing your Autopilot to disengage, and then sending you into a sharp descent and increasing your speeds. Once you would’ve gone below 10,000 feet, you’d be over speeding which would give you violations.

Other things that could happen, something somehow bumped your autopilot, your phone received an update and paused for a second and came back without autopilot…

the last two don’t happen too often, ive had the same happen due to the first reason. It’s important to cruise at a good speed, around 0.83 to 0.85 depending on your aircraft … 0.85 is dangerous with strong tailwinds.


Also if you ran out of fuel this would result in you picking up violations as your plane would crash and during that dive leading up to it you will get multiple overspeed warnings.


I’m just so dissappointed that tomorrow will be my last day because my subscription

I’m sorry to hear. Once you resubscribe though I’m sure you will be back to the same grade or close to it as they will not affect your ability to reach a grade after 7 days.

In the future be mindful of the factors which can cause your aircraft to subsequently crash. Good luck!