Crashed on go around

Hey guys, yesterday I was going from VTBS-VTCC. I had to go around at one point (it was nighttime and I was in cockpit view and I couldn’t see anything. Out of nowhere the crash screen appeared. I went to replay mode and I realized I hit a mountain… Is there anything that you can do about it.

This is my view


It’s getting close to a new moon so the lighting was likely poor and you couldn’t see the mountain in time


Mistakes happen. There’s nothing that can be done. Pilot error was at fault here.


Do a little prep work with charts and know what course and altitude are required in a go-around situation. Following the published missed approach procedure will not run you into terrain.


alright then. I will be careful next time.

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Or maybe if we had more terrain callouts…


GPWS would be a nice addition, maybe in another 10 years given the current development pace.
that was a joke don’t silence me


I mean it doesn’t seem like the biggest difficulty to add

Also there is an app called IF Assistant. It has all of those call outs and will warn you if your close to terrain like that. I do believe it’s a one time payment of a few dollars


Learning procedures takes minutes…

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Say what you say man. I’ve learned to stop trying to please folks and stop sugar coating stuff. Sometimes when feelings get hurt, you get results 😉

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This seems like it could have been prevented with some planning, particularly looking at charts and identifying where it is and isn’t safe to fly at pattern altitude. I’d recommend, they have worldwide VFR charts which do a nice job showing where terrain is.


I mean I have been here three years and so many improvements have been made. I am not a sweet sugary person, but to be fair, the above joke is way exagerated… and about the subject of the thread, the terrain alarm would most likely not have prevented the worst to happen! 😉 following the go around procedure certainly would!

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Next time measure altitudes levels… Both the airport and if there is any mountains around. Visual check is very important if your instruments fail. Full power for take off in the go around and using VS 2500 is not bad to “run” from the obstacles… Everyone already crashed 😉

You also need to have the full IF assistent add on… It would give the alarm…"terrain, terrain " is very helpful

I don’t think this your fault. Even a little bit of proper lighting or GPWS Callouts could have easily avoided this. This is just a simulator and I don’t think there is a need to study charts when arriving at an airport.

The IF map doesn’t show terrain, no callouts, no lights, nothing. I simply don’t fly at night.


Exactly, it’s a simulator. If pilots look at charts in real life, then it is excepted that an Infinite Flight user will “simulate” this.


Or we would have to simulate a law suit against the simulated airline! 😉

I suggest you go around is 3000-4000ft higher than the airport’s altitude. It is more safe.

There is a solution to this, it’s called changing the time, even if you wanted to fly at night, make sure you can actually see something so you don’t crash.

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