Crashed on APPR San Francisco

So i was landing on san Fransisco airport and the typical runway of the landing wasn’t available because of the weather so i tried to land on Runway 1R and I put it on the auto pilot landing i thought that it will fly over the mountain before the runway but the auto pilot was doing his typically landing procedure and I was on my laptop suddenly it crashed in the mountain 😂😂 Rip passengers . , But the question is in real life does the auto pilot be set to land on this runway or the pilots lands manually or it’s never used for landing ??

I think this is just a matter of the coding of the APPR. The APPR in IF is designed to just follow a path, not necessarily accounting for terrain. In real life, I think maybe they just follow a steeper glide slope maybe?

Pilots will always manually land the plane. If there’s bad visibility, they use the ILS for guidance.

1R is a GPS (white) approach meaning it is a set glideslope regardless of terrain. ILS (red) will typically be better because they are more likely to avoid terrain but some airports have limitations.

This is the main difference between the white and red cones to the runways.


Well I can tell you first off that they never use runway 1R or 1L due to the hill/mountain being in the way. They also dont have an ILS producer into those runways irl and if they were to ever land it would be on the visual or GPS. I’m guessing the 10s would be a better option for you to land on in that weather as they have got ILS

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Not neccessarily. They do use autoland when they are fatigued, or vsibility is horrible. (mostly for weather though)

you shouldn’t be on your laptop on short final either lol


I know I got distracted for a minute

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one to chaulk up to experince!

here is list of all the charts for KSFO for your future refernce so that you can check out the approaches and see if you can use an ILS and Visual. LAso ways good to check out flightracker or simular so that you can see what runways are being used in rela life to help you in your planning!

happy landings

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To answer your question, there is no approach to 01L or 01R in real life - and you have just found out the reason why :)

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Hi, just try to manually land the plane. If you use instruments too much things may not work out how you want. The only exception is during heavy fog to use APPR or when it is windy where I use autopilot for the speed.

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