Crashed live from Dubai to Istanbul

I was flying training server from Dubai International to Istanbul in an Etihad Cargo B777-200F. I left my phone after I reached about 10,000ft. I come back about 20 minutes later to see the “crash” screen and 6 violations. The aircraft was at nearly full load and fully fueled. I don’t understand how I crashed.

Aircraft details:
Took off from Dubai International en route to Istanbul.
Callsign: Viceroy 21, Etihad Cargo 221 Heavy.
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200F

What was your speed?

I think you’ve summed it up for yourself here… You were at full load. In a 777. If you were trying to climb at to high of a vertical speed, it is highly likely that you stalled out, in which instance the Autopilot disengaged, causing you to flat spin and nosedive, exceeding the speed regulations and giving you these violations. After that you most likely were ghosted by the system.

Sorry buddy 🙃


I was climbing with a speed of 215-230kts and I was climbing 2500ft per minute. Thanks for trying to figure out what happened.

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Maybe you needed to speed up after 10,000 feet, normally I climb at around 240 k its below 10,000 feet so you probably did just stall out, have fun in Training server

If you had a full, or mostly full load with that speed, you probably stalled out due to the air getting thinner as you climb up more, thus losing airspeed.

I think that due to your load, your aircraft stalled.
I recommend you to practice step-climbing.
Here’s a tutorial on this.

Unfortunately, your violations will stay.
If you have any other questions, you can ask me.
Hope this helps. :)
Good day

It’s most probably because of the load. You said `full fuel’, so I’m assuming you were very heavy. Just try and reduce the load next time, No need for full fuel tanks to fly from Dubai to Istanbul. - This will help you determine the amount of fuel required for a flight.

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Alright, thanks for the tips. I will make sure to be more careful next time.


Please don’t leave your phone until you’ve reached your cruising altitude or at least when your speed controls have switched from knots to mach and if you do the latter(not recommended) make sure you’re vertical speed is really low so you don’t stall.

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as a guide for climbing when heavy:

Below 10,000ft, keep airspeed to 240kts, VS at 2500.

Above FL100, VS to 2000 and accelerate to about 300kts

Above FL200, VS to 1500 and keep IAS about 300kts.

Above FL280, VS to 1000 and keep IAS around M0.82 or ammend slightly up and down to meet flight plan / aircraft type. If heavy I then keep to about FL320/330 until able to step climb higher.

I use Simbrief to use the correct FL and IAS for the aircraft weight and route.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy landings