Crashed into mountain during approach

Server: Expert
Plane: 777-300ER

So I was flying my approach into RPLL with vectors from ATC, however I ended up crashing into a mountain while waiting for further vectors so I decided to share the moment here, the very first time I’ve crashed on expert server.

The photos are shown in daylight for better visibility however it was night time when I was flying since I used the current time option.

The first vector of doom: a turn and descent from 7000 to 4000 feet.

At 4000 now, another turn downwind for the runway

Flying towards my death

Around when I realised I’m gonna crash and die… Brace for impa-


I was admittedly a little distracted waiting for my next vectors, I was mostly focusing on the map and watching how many planes there were in the airspace since it was quite busy, but then realised too late I was heading straight into the mountain. I could’ve requested an altitude change if I had realised earlier, but that’s my bad. ATC could’ve taken note too but I understand since it was very busy and there were planes ahead of me that were being vectored too.

All in all a fun experience. At least we made it to Manilla, right? 10/10 would crash again.

Thanks for flying Philippine airlines and we hope to crash again soon!


Well, this isn’t exactly ideal, and I commend you for being positive about a very negative situation. I would love to address this with the controller if you would be willing to provide me with a replay, or something as simple as the approach controller’s username (in PMs).


expert and training server had a collaboration i see

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When ATC goes offline and it’s a free for all even on expert server… 🙃 it’s a regular occurrence

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