Crashed Into Invisible Scenery at 1900ft AGL

I was doing a flight from Heathrow to Madeira when i was on right base for runway 05 i was turning base and out of nowhere i just landed on invisible scenery at 1900 feet and then i somehow took off from it but 30 seconds later i crashed into nothing in mid air. It was a 3 hour flight so i lost a bit of the xp from crashing. I think it is invisible scenery, a bug/glitch and i think only the devs can fix this.

In case you need to know, i was running it on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and its a bit less than a year old. I didn’t use any apps like in flight assistant or anything like that.

Hope this helps and if you know its not a bug but just a glitch and you know how to fix it, please tell me. :)

Hi there,

Did you have a momentary lapse of internet connection?

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Do you mean if i had lost internet connection for a few seconds? No i didn’t my internet connection always work fine. I always run infinite flight close to my wifi

Make sure that you keep your device fresh. Device refreshes, RAM clearing and an occasional restart of Infinite Flight helps mitigate these issues.

Oh ok thanks i will try that

If that does not help then there may be a corruption in your scenery cache so you would need to delete the app and reinstall it.

I tried the approach again and it worked. Thanks for helping

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