[CRASHED] I need YOUR help

I’m pretty sure it has a longer range than that

Just crashed into me… I’m going down! haha

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If you are still around in 10 hours, I might just get a 1 month subscription to refuel xD I’m sure many others would be around too so I might not have to =p I’ll follow this thread to see how it goes ^^

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When do you next need refuelled ??

Not for another 10 hours

I don’t know how air force pilots do it!

Heading 348
Speed 247
Alt 25,083

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that for me or you?

That’s just my current info, I’ll jist come over to you.

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Ahh, there we go.

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@Panther, your bill will be $127,862. Will it be Credit or Debit?


Hmm, rather expensive.

image image image image
Some pics;)


I can help you CALLSING: BAVA228

Yes, this limit of three re-fuels is also in Mark’s tutorial.
You didn’t know that and it may destroy your plan, but I reckon you should give it your best shot.

You need to be VERY clever about your refuel time. Dont refuel when you still have 4 hours left, but refuel during your last 3 or 2 hours. This is a small window, which brings risk. You need to calculate and communicate carefully where in the world you need refuel and at what time.

Oh and while this is in progress, you can’t have a life. This will be all you focus on. Eating and sleeping are optional 😉


Soo cool! I will definetely help

Currently full of fuel! Wait maybe 5hrs or so!

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I will help you as well! Just message me when you want to refuel!

Well, it’s up to the community, not me… and it doesn’t look too good haha. 2 refuels within 3 hours already

The check has been written. Please pay it within 7 days. Amount: $ 1