[CRASHED] I need YOUR help

The next time he can circumnavigate in a KC-10


It was a pleasure flying across the pacific with you ^^ Probably my longest flight in IF, as well as my first mid-air refuel.

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WIll most likely happen next year, when why assignments and exams build up again

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Was that an IF glitch or because you exceeded your refueling option…you need to find out before your next trip

I think an IF glitch. I had load of fuel left. It said my account was being used on another device and your throttle will be cut

The crash was not due to the aircraft, but from technical reasons. Apparently my account was being used somewhere else.

I would like to say thank you to all that helped out and participated. It has been a great week to fly around the world and bring the community together. Sadly I was not able to land but in YAMB, where I started. Thanks to @Yunkeru for flying with my for my final parts of my flight.

Thank you everyone! Hope to do this next year again


See you back in the tower somewhere soon if not in the air

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What’s the record? I could probably beat it. Maybe…

This is the record =)

If you see @ schyllberg’s Death Star over your Svenska skies…blast away with your phasers !!!

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I’m Swedish. :)

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@Panther, be worth talking to a moderator to find our why the system thought you where using two devices? Don’t want to happen on your next flight!

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I can tell you right now why it happened;

The app can’t handle 60hrs+ long sessions at the moment. Sorry to say. It’s not that someone else was using the account, it’s just the app believe the user is being duplicated due to some reason. (I’ve been told, but it’s a bit too complex to explain)


Well that’s fair enough. As they say ‘it’s a fair cop guv’

Oh man, that’s kinda sad :( at least circumnavigators will now know where is a hard time limit ^^

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Goodbye to GBWR most continuous IF time aloft without landing to refuel …it just ain’t gonna happen !!!

Aww unlucky, I know the feeling. I still have the record then I guess. Seb this barrier has been killing people’s dreams and aspirations in life.


The thing is, I wasn’t even trying to break the record. I just wanted to get off my phone until Friday haha


What was your route?

Departed YAMB, fly north to the equator and flew West on the equator. Almost made it home

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