[CRASHED] I need YOUR help

I’ll probably fall asleep before then, but I’ll try! I’ll grind to tier 100 to pass the time :P

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You could depart EMI now, and meet up if you want. I just need to know I will be going around Australia or not

Maybe I’ll do that. Also, I just remembered a video from one of my favorite youtubers. RIP your device if you try this.


eheh… Just thought I could help keep the fuelers updated with something more real-time on your whereabouts xD Especially while you are sleeping. So close to finishing now =D

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Well, if I successfully refuel at EMI, I’ll be flying for a few more hours

if a B2’s are updated to Infinite flight they don’t need to refuel in air.

How far are you from EMI. I’m sorta flying with Misha (stalking him lol), if its in like 3 hours I’d love to escort you

AYEE airport has to be my favorite ICAO besides CYKA. I’ll tske off from there to fill you up soon.


About 2hrs.

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l will depart AYKV to meet you when you get close enough …from there you will always be near an airport…are you guaranteed that someone is coming to refuel you …otherwise l will shadow you in an F-22

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Pretty sure someone is going to refuel me


I estimate you will cross over the New Ireland chain in about two hours and will leave AYKY instead which is a little closer

Woah, where did Panther go? One moment I was finishing my exams and next he went missing ._.

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OMG. it said my account was being used once another device. I crashed


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. All that work is now gone!

Remember when we flew together with Fozzie Bear…Sally

1 minute of silence :(


This is the end result.


Still…a 71-hour flight is really impressive!

Well done!

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