[CRASHED] I need YOUR help

@Panther …where is your next scheduled refueling approx going to be and in how long from now

I have no clue. I think I should be on the last one

I have enough fuel to make it home, I’ll see. I might fly around Australia before landing in YAMB. I must land

Been 68hrs 30min now

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Next refuelling needing in 6hrs at WABB
If I am able to refuel, I will fly around Australia before landing in YAMB

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Ill be there to watch that historic landing (possibly escort you)

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Who is this “Sally” in the C-130 CG livery that is shadowing you… the official photog for GWR

so lonely

New update
Refuelling needed in 2hrs at EMI (That’s the ICAO of the airport)

I think it’s @Yunkeru

@C-0_407 I’ve got company, if you zoom in. Right behind me

oh cool you have one👍

How long until you arrive at EMI/APEE? I might come and escort you to YAMB

2.5 hrs. If I am able to refuel, I’ll be flying for a bit further and land in 15hrs.
If I’m unable to refuel, I’ll land 6.5hrs

Ok cool I might come along if I can!

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is this the one

Yep! That’s the plane that’s keeping me sane over this long trip

@Panther I was the first to refuel you, and I will be the last. Where are right now, I’ll head up!

wow ok👌…

I’ll need you in 2hrs. EMI (airport)

sorry my game was expired and i have no money to re sub my game