[CRASHED] I need YOUR help


I’m planning to do the longest flight without touching the ground and I’ll need your help to succeed.
My plane has crashed. It was because apparently someone was on my account, so my throttles would be cut.

Please read my updates that I will be posting below about where I need refuelling

The reason behind this idea

Assignment and exams are coming in fast and I just need to get off my phone, so yeahh…
This could destroy my phone but… learning is more important than spending 10 hours on Instagram

How do you help?

Easy, I’ll be flying in a C-130J around the world for a couple of days and you just need to help me refuel.

Spawn in a KC-10, fly near and refuel my aircraft!

The details:

  • Casual server
  • C-130J
  • Callsign: REFUELME
  • Username: IFATC Panther
  • sigh Grade 3
  • Speed: 240kts
  • Altitude: 15,000ft
Track me


I’ll be checking up on the flight twice a day, and will come back here to report anything!
Thanks for helping out. I have departed from YAMB with 15hrs of fuel!


I will be able to help. What will your planned speed and altitude be?


Sure Panther, ill love to help yah out.


Planned 27,000ft and 270kts. Subject to change


I have filed a flight plan, but that is just one time around the equator. After that I’ll be flying a heading

Roger dodger

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Just wondering, whats the max your gonna be able to fly for, like I know that you can do this for ever in IF but I’m talking about how long do you want to do it for?

I’m hoping until Friday, which is when I finish my exams and assignments


Cool, i’ll try to do it once a day then. See you in the sky Panther

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Off he goes :) !


Nice but i would have chosen the KC-10 to do it as you would make futher on the 4 tanks you will have.
Remember ypu can only refuel 3 full tanks worth and then after that it doesnt refuel you no more

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@Panther Look who is off the coast of Australia… 👀

Don’t need much fuel now, but thanks!

Are you sure about that? Could you please tell me where you got that information from? or if you actually experienced that?

Have a read of the refuelling tutorials which advises number if times you can refuel:


oh no!
Let’s hope this fuel gets me through until Thursday at least

My longest is 21 hours… just do stepclimbing… start with a low altitude

The Herc has around 13 hrs worth of fuel in one tank. The KC has about 16-17hrs in one tank. Its obvious with the fuel options screen and also i have done flying with it in GAF


What about the VC25 (AF1)

That’s 10 hours