[Crashed] Flight around the world

Hi guys,
today I want to make my first +10h flight and it has to be something special. I will make a flight around the globe. I’ll start at KLAX then to OEJN over the Antarctica with AT05 and back to KLAX. I’ll a friend of mine as a refueler but I don’t know if he can get it so maybe some of you guys can come along with me over a period of time and give me fuel with the KC-10.

Aircraft I will be flying in: VC 25 (Boeing 747 Airforce one)
Flightplan: KLAX-OEJN-AT05-KLAX
Start: approx. 21:00 Z
Callsign: AB4EVER heavy
Altitude: FL380
Speed: .86 M
Flighttime: approx. 40h
Track me here: https://liveflightapp.com/?f=e89ac426-1d62-4def-b49c-0c4fa1143b4e&s=6a04ffe8-765a-4925-af26-d88029eeadba

That’s it. I hope we will find and see us en route.

M.90 is way too fast, consider around .86 in a 747 or risk some violations.


OK sorry but I don’t fly the 747 that often. Would it be ok, if you fly the 787 on mach .91

If your on Casual go ahead and Speed like a demon!!, but if your being somewhat realistic probably mach .84 .85 . 86


To maximise your range, stay between Mach .8-.85 on most widebodies. However, if you are expecting a refuel VC25 or the KC10 are your best bet.

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Yeah I’m in the Vc 25 and waiting for a takeoff clearence :/

Make sure with the 747 that you don’t go to FL380 straight away, step climb up to it. Also, for the 747 I would reccomend FL330-360 to maximise fuel efficiency

It is not okay to go any faster than Mach 0.86 in any aircraft except the 747. The 747 go ahead and go Mach 0.87 but any faster and you’re risking the aircraft breaking up

The 747 and 787. There are many instances when the 787 flies at Mach 0.87 as well.

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The 787 flies Mach 0.87? Never knew, thanks I’ll speed up a little

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Yeah, although I’d say it’s far from economical.


Yeah I’m gonna cruise at first at FL360 then FL380


Make sure ya follow the rules


Thanks for reminding me of that. I’ve totallz forgotten about that

I would cruise at FL310, then FL330 and finally FL350

The 777-200 has the longest flight time

But you can refuel the VC 25

Yes but do you have someone doing that for you?

Yeah. I hope he’ll be online when I need to be refueled

Half of the way is almost done. See ya in KLAX.

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