Crashed at 42000 FT ( stall )

Hey so apparently I crashed and got violations what I totally don’t like ofc … I flew to FL420 with 0.85/ VS2500 … ( wich shouldn’t be a problem) I left my device got to the bathroom and I was in the ocean. Is this a bug or can the violations can be Removed ? I should have been grade 5 Tomorrow.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to anything in this situation I thought everything was alright …

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Maybe as you climb, decrease your VS. Also, what was your weight?

You should never climb directly to FL420. Step climbing is the way to do it. 🙃

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Just 150 passengers and 1/4 of cargo / 6 hrs of fuel

If that was a long haul flight then you should never ever climb to over 40,000ft, plus I suggest to not leave your device unattended before your flight reaches cruise.

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Thanks , but at FL380 “ when I went to the bathroom everything was all g “

It was a 4/3 hr flight

What was your aircraft load? Speed looks fine. Ps: FL420 is not an approved FL. above FL410, one goes to FL430, 450, 470 etc. Even thousands are never used above FL410.

Edit: Load has been answered. The A350 can cruise at very high altitudes. Maybe, you should have started at FL380, and monitor your device till cruise.

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Thanks never knew

Yeah as others said, just don’t climb so high straight away.

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That was my load

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Yes . Understand but now I have to deal with the violations … wich is in my opinion not fair … Bc I basically left the moment it happened

you were way to heavy for that height causing your nose to lift to maintain altitude and your speed to decrease this causes your AP to disengage and cause you to go into a downward spiral.

Must always be at your device during critical stages! Its a rule of thumb!

That’s pretty heavy for 42000ft, but you could reach 36,000ft-38,000ft if you decrease your climb rate. Climbing at 2,500fpm is too excessive for that height which explained why your plane stalled. I usually keep it like this.

0-10,000ft MSL = 2,500fpm
(10,000ft-20,000ft) MSL = 2,000fpm
(20,000ft-30,000ft) MSL = 1,500fpm
(30,000ft-40,000ft) MSL = 1,000fpm
(40,000ft and above) MSL = 500fpm

Another way is to stepclimb, like multiple users have said. But if you want to get to 38,000ft ASAP with that weight you can decrease your climb rate every 10,000ft

Usually for a weight near to MLW, I wouldn’t dare to climb higher than 38,000ft. 38,000ft is like the highest altitude you can reach with such weight. For above MLW I would say it range between 32,000ft-36,000ft depends on your weight. If your load is less than 35% then you can climb to 42,000ft straight away (But remember to reduce your climb rate, otherwise there’s a chance you may stall aswell)


I was there till FL380 and everything seemed fine … just went to the bathroom what was I supposed to do than ?

Thanks for your help

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wait till cruise, 4000 ft is the difference between life and death ;) A good pilot is always learning.

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Okey thanks , is there anyway to get rid of the violations?

Unfortunately as they are system generated no, but at least it is a learning curve. In this case Staff have a sufficient reason to keep the vio.
Until next time.
Cign :)