Crashed and then crashed

I have gotten used to app crashes but this is a new one… Upon takeoff from LAX on Expert Server just now, the moment I pulled up to rotate I got a “CRASH” screen as if my plane crashed, and then when I pushed the button to go back to the main menu, after showing me the popup message that I couldn’t use Flight Resume, the app crashed on me and kicked me back to the iOS home screen. I have just updated to the newest version of IF.

Device: iPad 6th generation, background app refresh disabled
Operating system: iOS 17.1.2

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Flight Resume is not available on the ground or below FL280. You have to meet specific parameters for it to turn on.

As for the “crash” screen, did you pull up to hard to where your tail hit the ground?

Could you provide a replay from

I was certainly not complaining about Flight Resume availability since obviously I wouldn’t want to resume a flight after a plane crash. It seems odd that the popup is even displayed in such a situation but that is the least of my concerns about what happened.

Replay available here:

I don’t see a tail strike. And either way, the app immediately crashing upon exiting the flight also seems like a bug…

You crashed in-game because you engine #1 hit the runway

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I agree with Benji

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I don’t.
Try it. The aircraft won’t crash, unless you actually start to go down again.
Otherwise this is not supposed to happen.

It’s probably a one-off.
If it happens again though, please let is know.

The app shouldn’t crash either.
Crash reports are sent automatically when it does happen, so they will be looked at.
The process of investigating crash reports and fixing issues is ongoing. 🙂


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