Crashed again nooooooo

Almost ready to start my descent and I decided to check my surrounding radar frequencies…the game DID NOT like that…if froze and crashed a second later

Sorry to hear that! Such a shame, but you can always redo that flight (hopefully your flight time from this is saved in your stats).

Now that I think of it, a crashed app is how I ended up here 🤔 (I complained to Seb lol)

This has happened several times to me before. I found that it had to do with me having minimal storage on my device. I’m pretty sure IF needs around 1-2GB of free storage to load the scenery and everything so check that and see if it full.

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lol big rip

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It crashes 100% of the time if ur like 90% of the way there and decide to check ur frequencies 😭

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Well it’s likely an old phone, a poorly optimized app, or a mix of the both 🤷‍♂️

Edit: Scratch out the old phone theory :/

I have 1.5tb of storage (note 10 plus._.)


Note 10 plus…old ain’t the issue and u know it🤣

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oh then maybe check ur internet connection, could have a maximum device count?

So it’s a poorly optimized app then 😂

Next time I’d limit the resolution/rendering settings and set the FPS cap to 30.

If you read the replies first you wouldn’t be asking this :)

Have you tried clearing scenery catch might make a difference?

This should probaly be in #support.

Hi @Falcon2 , got a couple of questions for you…

  • Is this the first time you’ve had this happen to you?

  • When the app crashes, does it cause the whole device to reboot, or does it just go back to the home screen?

  • What version of Android are you using?

  • Do you have the Snapdragon or Exynos variant of the Note 10?

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