Crashed after 14 hours

I was on a flight from JED-LAX and after cruising for 14 hours and 22 mins
My IF crashed โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
At the same time like now, @GHAZB โ€™s flight crashed too
Edit: i have deleted all the replay files, I have around 60 GB left
Its just IF issue


I was flying HKG-LAX and the same happened 14 hours and as soon as I started my approach boom! Crashed. Actual joke I have a iPhone 13 with plenty storage and this is still happening. fix your game!!


Fr, I was flying JED-LAX i started my descent and it crashed, my ipad wasnt even heating it wasnt on Full graphics or the fps, its an M1 2021 Ipad, absolute utter joke

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Uh ohโ€ฆ im flyin LHR - LAX rn, i hope i dont crash. I also have a new 2021 Ipad which I got new a week ago!

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Good luck, have a nice flight

Must be a recent issue, I recall having crashing issues about a year and a half ago. Found some new tips that helped at the time, but seem to be futile with preventing these crashes today.

Hopefully a solution will be found.

Seems like alot of IFC members including myself have been having issues regarding the app crashing during flight. The only solution I have is to clear your cache (under settings), and hope that works. Hopefully, Infinite Flight will have a solution to this ongoing problem!

Itโ€™s infuriating I understand that. Happened to me several times since the latest update.
The worst of all is on final after some 13-14hrs long haul flight approaching an active airport only to see it switched off. And also one time landed and vacating the runway, suddenly it just switched off.
Technically Iโ€™ve flown the route and this is for a VA but when I checked the replay it doesnt register the actual dest i just landed and it doesnโ€™ t work!
So unable to file as priep for the flight completed with fuel used, flight time etc, as those details are gone.

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Luckily itโ€™s never happened to be the only bad thing thatโ€™s haooend to me is I was on final after a 2 hours flight and my phone ran out of storage but other than that never happens

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let us know if it crashes or not

Still in the air, halfway in

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whats your callsign? ill track your flight on liveflight

Been having Server issues aswell! Havenโ€™t been able to connect to the Expert Server. My wifi is completely fine.

I am G-NEMM, in Training server. currently flying East of Canada


how did the flight go? did it crash?

Nope, landed all nice and butter. However, for some reason, it didnโ€™t actually register the landing /;
Anyway, in terms of crashing, maybe it is because your graphics are too high, or it was an unluckly wifi moment

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