Crashed 2nd time in row?

G’day Pilots

I hve record my Flight 2nd time in row are crashed,
Flight was same YSCB-YSSY.
What is the best settings for Iphone 6plus. Hve over 45gb free of place.

1st Video check 20 min
2nd Video check 25 min

My Settings

Iphone 6plus

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Perhaps tune the settings down? Especially Anti-Aliasing?

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May I use all of Medium?

Well you have to do Guess & Check :P

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Good thx for help, will tryed. 👍🏼

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The 6+ is very powerful, it should be able to easily run all in High (with some maybe on low). Maybe did you have any background apps running? (Messenger, Facebook, Browser?)

Try doing a hard reboot (home and power button till the screen goes off and the apple logo appears)

Hope they help


Lower the Airplane Count. That’s a big one.


Wll tryed later or next, thx for feedbacks @dush19 @schyllberg

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There should not be any problem with everything on high its a iPhone not android so I would suggest reinstalling the app or turning your phone on and off if that doesn’t work check your other apps if it does the same thing on those that are a similar file size then take it to Apple or contact them on their chat support as they are always happy to help, they are a godsend from time to time 😂

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Devices work best when refreshed periodically by restarting power.
An iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have 1GB ram while the iPhone 6S, SE, and 6SPlus have 2GB RAM.
It’s kind of like the differences between an Air and Air 2 but a little more complex because of the different chips from A8 to A9 having additional impacts.
That said it might be a good idea to lower the “Show Aircraft Count Live” to medium, and see if that helps enough. If not, then disable Anti Aliasing next. That should be all you need to reduce. I’d suspect the network if after all that it still crashes.

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