Hi all,

I was just on final approach, and “crashed” at Chengdu. However, when I checked the replay, there were no terrain barriers.

A picture from the time of my crash in my replay is below:

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May I ask what’s the airports ICAO I will go and have a look.

The airport is Chengdu (CTU/ZUUU)

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What runway were you approaching.

Runway 02R

Can you share your replay file?

How would I do that?

Yep there is a terrain issue there just before the runway. I would steer clear of 02R and use 02L instead.

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I was about to fly to Chendgu today… lucky I didnt

I guess this can be closed now. @Chris_S?

This was a terrible flight because I got a violation and was downgraded to grade 3 for a week ☹️

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So, i just checked this a bit more.

The reason you got this is because you were below the glideslope by quite a lot. If you follow the glideslope, you have roughly 50ft between your gear + the terrain at this point.

The reason this “abnormality” exists, is not due to any error or similar. It’s due to the fact that we don’t have sloping airports in Infinite Flight, but the terrain is. And this airport is located on a slope, where as the 02’s are downhill in real life. But as we can’t simulate that, there’s a cliff just in front of the threshold of 02R instead.


Thanks Seb :)

Question: Can we expect to see sloping runways in IF, in the future? Are there any plans on progressing to that point, if the software and such allows for the Airport Editing Team to do sloping runways?

I have absolutely no idea. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it though.

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I am about to fly this approach know love me some challenge 😂

I love that approach

It’s a close one but omg is it nice