So I was doing a flight from YYZ Toronto to DXB in Dubai. I woke up and the game said crash and I had six violations? I had enough fuel enough everything to make it the distance? Is there a way you can tell me what happened?

Sounds like you either didn’t actually have enough fuel, or lost flight controls for some reason.
The violations are for speed i’m sure.

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I literally had like 17 hours of fuel in the plane and the flight is like 10 or 11 hours… I got 6 violations…

I was also flying 10NM ahead of my friend who was behind me… So I had to rejoin him over Copenhagen in Denmark.

What aircraft were you using? And what callsign?

Is it possible the plane stalled because it was too heavy and too high?

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777-300ER Emirates 230 Heavy

I was cruising at FL360

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Did you step climb? If you went to bed and left the plane climb very steeply that could explain why you crashed.
If you did steps then it shouldn’t have.

I mean doesn’t 6 violations for that sound a little absurd?

No if you don’t slow down you keep getting violations (up to 6)

No I was up at cruising altitude away from Toronto before I went to bed. I was just over the Atlantic.

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Well they were all probably from me plummeting out of the sky because I somehow did :P I rejoined my friend over Denmark and we are on our way to Dubai right now. But I am a grade 1 and was a grade 3 :(

Sometimes even FL360 may be too high if you are too heavy/climbing at a high vertical speed, using a B77W. Your plane can sometimes be gradually slowing down (not obvious) if it’s slightly too heavy, until it starts to lose lift and fall.

As mentioned above, there are only two possibilities to this situation: stall in mid-flight, or fuel exhaustion.

It’s possible to rack up 6 violations, because after every violation given and if you are still overspeeding, you can get another violation.

For me, I’d watch my flight on LiveFlight especially for long hauls, so if my plane somehow crash, I can diagnose the cause (for fuel exhaustion, it would show a sudden deviation from flight plan and a sudden decent towards the ground)


Well yes it is kind of obvious I agree on that. But I just wanna know what happened because I woke up and it said crash. I was cruising fine at FL360 and I had at least another hour of fuel than I needed? I mean if 17 hours worth of fuel isn’t enough fuel for a 12 hour flight then…?

I really think it was because you didn’t step climb.
Tons of extra fuel only make the plane heavier wich isn’t great at high altitude.


You may be experiencing a strong headwind mid-flight that can slow down your plane (maybe to about 300+ kts Ground Speed). A slower ground speed requires more fuel to reach destination, as the duration of the flight is longer. As a result, you can run out of fuel.

However, if you have the same amount of fuel as your friend and he didn’t run out of fuel, then it’s definitely because you stalled.

Well I mean my friends in an A380 though :P but I just want to know if the IF team or a mod can tell me what actually happened? Like a replay of the flight or something.

No we can’t I’m afraid.

Also if he came back after let’s say 14 hours and he had 17 worth of fuel he shouldn’t have ran out of fuel yet…