I was flying from Sydney to los Angels and I was on final and the game crashed and I couldn’t see anything but I was still flying so luckily the APPR landed for me but I was upset and what happened? And has this happened to anyone else before?

It’s likely that you lost internet connection and the terrain didn’t load. You might have corrupt terrain files as well. Delete the app and reinstall. Also make sure you close all other apps and clear your RAM before beginning flights.


I still have internet connection

This is possibly related to the “black flooor thread” so I recommend that you reinstall the app, reset your router and make sure you have a strong internet connection when flying ;)

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Ok 👍🏻 I will try that the next time I fly

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Let us know if it has solved the issue aswell :)

WOW my app just like restarted on my OMDB-RJTT with 100Miles left…

I accidentally closed my app (not from the multitask menu) and when i went to open it again it restarted and my flight was gone .

Ive never seen this glitch before tho.

It’s most likely your RAM that needs to be cleared.

Yeah sometimes leaving the app can result in the app restarting but sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why it’s suggested to never leave it, in this case it was an accident but still it’s not recommended likely for that reason.

yeah im assuming it was because of such a long flight

MOST of the time, temporarily closing the app won’t end your flight, however, it can. This is at no fault of the sim. Mobile devices are designed to kill background apps that use a high amount of RAM. The only time I’ll ever leave IF during a flight is to put a TV show on, and I do it as quickly as possible.

Is it by any chance the “black floor” issue?

Black Floor Issue

This happens to me. NEVER exit the app. Even if you don’t close it, it will reboot itself. I think you can half-stop this by turning off background app refresh in ios settings.

Yeah I didnt close the app i meant i accidentally clicked the power button, learned my lesson lol

also it only happens to me on long flights , 2 hr flights i can come out and in of the app

Backing in and out of the app can cause havoc. If you have a habit of doing this then that’s the main problem. I’d strongly recommend staying in the app once you launch it.

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Yea, Its only mistakes on why i have to close the app (hitting home button on accident, etc)

Same here. Guess we both have the same issue…

These little mistakes, are they occurring every time you’ve lost a flight? Can you try to do a flight after resetting your router, restarting your device, only opening/launching Infinite Flight and not backing out of the app (examples- don’t hit power button, don’t hit your home button, being careful of screenshots are taken). Sounds to me that most of your issues are caused after leaving the app and trying to come back to it expecting everything to be okay.

It looks to me more than an internet issue. It is probably a full graphics breakdown which is incredibly annoying as you can’t reproduce it

There’s too many variables in most cases. Unless the Infinite Flight Team is given exact specifics of the incident and the issue reporter can confirm a baseline of prerequisites before reporting then we try to assist the best we can. Many of us fly almost all day everyday and follow the very suggestions that we provide to the community for successful flights especially long hauls.

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