For an aviation lover like me, i truly enjoyed playing Infinite Flight with all the various airlines available here. But recently, when i play live, the app kept crashing & closes by itself. This happens when other players make their radio announcement for departure or arrival etc. Besides that, everything else is good. So basically I wouldnt wanna waste my money purchasing the live version if it kept crashing. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon tho. )"=

What device? Sometimes my iPad Air does it, but only sometimes.

  • iPhone5 ! But for me it happens everytime i play Live. )=
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Oh. When it happens to me I restart my device.

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Hahahahah ive tried all ways tho! Restart, re-install. But still the same.😭

Oh. It also could be bandwith or device storage.

Are you running the latest version of iOS?

Nooo. Im still using iOS 8.4.

take the update iOS 9,1

  1. do you play by Wifi or 4G?
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