Crash with A350

Merry Christmas everyone,
I was flying on a A359 and had to leave and go AFK for 10min. I come come back and my plane had crashed with many violations. I check the replay and it says I was over speeding however before I left I checked and my speed was set to .85 Mach. However at the point I left on the replay it said that I was doing 1.0 Mach. I watched-the replay and the plane flipped and crashed randomly and the plane stalled any help?

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It might have been because you were too heavy for your height. Did you stepclimb?

I was on 2500fpm

With a medium payload to fl400

Did you leave it flying during the climb? Also 2500FPM is a very high rate of climb

That’s probably the reason then. The A350 is a very big plane so it could have been too heavy.

The thing was I was already quite high and done the same flight a few days ago with the same fpm and similar payload. So I do think this is quite strange.

Was your aircraft pitching up a lot and struggling to maintain its speed before it stalled when you looked through the replay?

It was making a turn at the point but the strange thing was it was telling I was going too fast.

I’d say @TimShan05 and his theory are right.

You were probably too heavy

That makes sense, when you turn the angle of attack does increase so that + being too heavy could have caused the stall.

Was this while it was diving down after it had stalled or was it before it stalled?

While climbing

I must add on the replay is very weird I’m not sure if it is right as it told me I was going 1 Mach whereas I was going .85

Hmmm, you got an over speed warning while climbing, what was your IAS? Was it over the red strip on the airspeed indicator? And did you get the warning below 10,000 feet?

The speed was red and I got the waring under 10,000 when the plane stalled.

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Yeah 2500fpm up to FL400 with a medium payload will do this. Once the aircraft stalls and the AP disconnects anything can happen.

I have just seen the replay again when I got to FL400 I was still at a high pitch.

Just want to clarify- what altitude were you at when the stall first occurred?

Replay do not show airspeed.
If you got overspeed vios/warnings this was most likely after stalling during dive.

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It is very unclear itself as they replay tells me my speed was constantly increasing. The loss of control occurred at Fl400

Ok yeah this is the usual suspect then. You were climbing too fast, at too high of an altitude, with too heavy a payload.

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