Crash whilst rotation?

Hey guys, weird thing just happened to me. I was taking off from EFHK enroute to EYVI and I suddenly see ,Crash" pop up on my screen, I checked the replay and didn’t suffer a tailstrike or anything else? Any solutions?

Device: Samsung Galaxy A52s
Operating system: OneUI 5.1



Hello, very odd indeed however there may have been a few things that could have happened…

  1. You rotated too early and stalled back into the ground
  2. I know you said you didn’t suffer a tail strike however that would be one cause for something like this. (It’s a little bit hard to tell from the picture you sent) Something like a tailwind could also have an effect on this.
  3. You brought the gear up too early
  4. The game just had a bit of a moment

If you’d be willing to share the replay, more context may be able to be given :)

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It appears you rotated too aggressively, around 12 or 13 degrees without leaving the ground.

When I tested this, I get a crash 100% of the time.

Your rotation angle:

When I rotate with more restraint there is no problem (it appears you had flaps 1 btw?)


Yep, I had flaps 1

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I tested it with flaps 1 also. Rotate smoothly and not too fast is the key.

I assume the logic of the crash is to indicate a tail strike even though it didn’t actually get correlated to the external view.


Obviously subject to a/c type but I wouldn’t pitch much more than 5’ until you’re airborne

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The contrast between pitching to an AoA in the teens prior to ascent vs 5 deg is interesting.

AoA in the teens is like saying: “I need to start near the approach of stall angle and hopefully it’ll fly.” The aircraft is like: “don’t you trust me?”

Closer to 5 deg is more like “I trust you metal beast friend, will fly on your own, and give you a more normal AoA expectation to achieve start of positive climb rate.” “I trust your L=W speed is imminent.”

We can pitch up further as we feel the ground slip away.

(AoA can be kept moderated by increasing climb angle as long as it doesn’t cannibalize IAS: AoA = pitch angle - climb angle)

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