Crash when turn off A/P

Hey everyone,
It happens to you guys that when you are flying or landing and even accidentally turn off the auto pilot the aircraft begins to lose control and to lose altitude until crashing? It is impossible to stop the aircaft’s fall… And it is like this that I finish some of my flights… 😂

Is it a calibration problem or a system problem?

!!!Please write below your experience!!!

I always calibrate my settings before I switch off autopilot. You’ll be surprised at all the little movements you make that’ll throw your accelerometer off. Just get in the habit of calibrating it throughout your flight.

In the past when you shut it off, it did used to dip down a bit, but Laura has fixed that issue since the 787/777 update.


Calibration most likely, I always recalibrate before switching off autopilot. Never had any problems. Another thing it could is trim. You have add or negate trim until the little pink line is gone, then you shouldn’t loose control over the aircraft.

I think it is calibration

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I make it a habit of recalibrating a lot during my flight.

Okay thanks you all so much for yours immediate aswers, I’ll try to do that.


Mark one as the solution, just so that nobody gets confused.

I always have my phone at the same position. If the aircraft begins the stall I will change my trim.

@Mattia_Bordoni… MaxSez: Did you Trim up in cruise and forget to 0 up on approach?

I calibrate it, too!

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Yes!! I never use the trim because I do not understand how and when use it!
Please help me! You can solve my problem!!
Thanks so so so much!

Write me to say me how to use and when use the trim!! 😁😁

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Same here. I often use A/P apart from take offs and landings, so it may be a trim setting. 🙂👍

When you’re in level flight with autopilot on, calibrate your controls, then not moving your device too much, look at the trim tab. You’ll see a pink line. Change it up until it’s gone. What I’ve found to work best with 787 is +30% for take off (easier rotation) and +40% for landing (no nose dive on final)


Okay, thank you so much! 👍🏻


@Mattia_Bordoni. MaxSez: Mattia, get a copy of the handbook cited and you’ll find the answers to the majority of your tech question.

The Pilot’s Ansewer Book Free (FAA-H-8083-25)
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(Info: @Giacomo_Lawrance… Get the handbook GMan, it’s got the majority of the answers. )

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Thank you so much!!!

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