Crash when switch to Approach

Nexus 7
Android 4.4.2

New IF Update just installed.

Crash happened twice at the same point. Departed KLAX on advanced server in Generic livery A320 using Cockpit view. Up around 5000-7000ft, tower handed me off to SoCal approach. After clicking ‘Send & Switch to Socal Approach…’ the app stops responding and crashes.

Sorry @Brandon_Sandstrom I keep spawning and retrying.


Your fine no worries

Just FYI, when Approach went offline I was able to fly to KSAN, contact approach, tower, and ground without any issues. Very weird.

I can confirm this. Only when Tower switches me, though.


Confirmed happened again to me just now after a flight from TFFR to TNCM. Contacted tower at TNCM to call inbound. Approach came online so tower sent me to approach. Pressed ‘send and switch to approach…’ and the app stopped.

I took a screenshot the instant after I clicked the ‘send & switch to approach’ (no longer visible in atc window) when the screen froze and then the app crashed right after this.