Crash when I try to log In

Does this topic describe your problem?


I changed my Google account password a few months ago, and I haven’t logged out of IF since then, just today that I accidentally logged out

so you arnt having any troubles signing into the likes of gmail eg?

No, my Gmail is working normally

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Let’s start off with some basic device information.

You have the latest Infinite Flight update?
What device is it, and what Android version is it running?
How much free space do you have?
Do any other apps, particularly when you are logging in with Google, crash?


My device is Umidigi S3 Pro with android 9

82GB free

No, only IF is crashing

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I can’t think of any other reason for the crash to occur except for an app bug that could be fixed with a reinstall, or a problem with the Google service on your phone. Unless IF staff offer a solution, you could try a reinstall of the app if you are willing to lose your flight replay files.

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Okay, I’ll wait for an analysis from the staff… Thanks

What is your current callsign and display name used in the app?

My last callsing was SWR158 and my name in the app is IFAB Retro

Okay, nothing wrong on the account.
Can you try to clear all cache and website history of the browser you’re using on the device?

Okay, done

Try again? The issue seems to be browser related, with Infinite Flight getting a weird response which in turn is crashing it.

Unfortunately it keeps failing

Not the answer i wanted :(

Are you using Two-Factor authentication for your Google account? We have seen issue with that in the past when signing in, but it’s been a while.

Yes, I needed to change the password and activate verification after I got hacked

I have actually found some crash logs specifically from your device, which is extremely helpful here.
Looking at it right now and trying to get some life into someone smarter than me who knows these things in & out to have a closer look :)

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Ok, I forgot to quote something, before I accidentally logged out, I couldn’t log into the game and go straight to “Fly Online” or go to my profile screen, I had to wait a bit for the IF to load, if I didn’t, the same thing happened now, but my account was already connected, so I was able to log back into the app, and wait for the app to load, to fly online.

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