Crash when I try to log In

a few minutes ago, I accidentally logged out, now I’m trying to log in and I’m not getting it, the loading screen appears and the game closes, exactly as in the images below. Can someone help me to fix this?

Have you tried uninstalling the game then trying again?

Try restarting your device!

Yeah, I tried restart my device too, but it did not work.

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I did, but not work

Are you using google or Facebook to sign in?

Try restarting your wifi router or turning on airplane mode on then off.

Im using Google

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Is it still persistent at the moment. Do you also have a current subscription

Hmm Im not having any problems here Im doing a flight rn.

Not work bro

Yes, i have the monthly assinature

Completely sorry it’s quite hard to read at the moment as the language is obviously not what I’m used to.

What language is it and I’ll help find someone.


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Also @schyllberg do you have any possible ideas on what is the problem?

Can you access solo or is it stopping the whole app?

I can fly in solo mode

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Also have you tried signing in as another account?

No, only in my account

If you use google or YouTube are they working smoothly if not it could be a problem with your device connection with google